Solitary Affairs
Boredom strikes again.
So, I m
ade this (really) short video to cure it.
It’s kind of like a video self portrait.
The music is by Nathan Johnson from the Don Jon soundtrack. Please watch and enjoy :)

Solitary Affairs
The stars feel farther
walking alone.
These winds
These days
The stars don’t glimmer
gazing alone.
These words
These breaths
All stars,
all joy

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Subject Twelve

I watch as he whiters
Growing as grey and cold as the concrete cell he calls home.
The same stagnant air circulating through his collapsing lungs. 
Recycled, artificial, empty
The same stagnant thoughts circulating through his decaying mind. Recycled, artificial, empty
I watch as I whiters.
Growing as cold and grey as the concrete cell I call home.
The same ephemeral dream filling my vacant life.
Recycled, artificial, empty.
Decaying, collapsing, breaking.